The Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD) is an advanced dual flight control display developed by Airbus Helicopters for the management and control of the primary aircraft and engine parameters.

The VEMD training app is an interactive training aid which is a simulated representation of the actual VEMD.



One of the challenges faced when converting real-world products into solutions for desktops or mobile devices is the lack of screen real estate.


The actual AS350B3 VEMD uses many buttons which are difficult to integrate into a mobile app. The button labels on the VEMD are also printed around the buttons to prevent rub-off from fingers. For training purposes it is critical that the layout of the original product, including labels and markings, is preserved in the app.


Since there is no risk of rubbing off the letters on a mobile app, I designed larger buttons with the labels embedded on the buttons.

This significantly improved the user experience by providing a larger target selection area, while preserving the original layout.



This project took place between June 2013 and January 2014. I was part of a three-person team and responsible for research, design, prototyping, testing and copywriting. The app was developed with Adobe Air using Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0.




After the launch of the app, AHI saw an increase in sales and training classes for the AS350B3 Helicopters for which the VEMD app was developed. The marketing department also used the app to showcase Airbus Helicopters advanced flight control display panels to potential customers and the app was converted to a desktop training aid.